I have a dynamically different
that will
Generate Donations AUTOMATICALLY
for your organization
Month after Month…


This Fundraising Program Is For…

** Schools

** Non Profits

** Faith-based Organizations

** Sports teams, bands and other
extracurricular groups

** Civic Organizations

** Homeowner Associations

** Apartment complexes and
Housing Groups


Would you like to receive donations month after
month to fund your cause and your



Are you tired of writing Government Grants
to request funding for your cause?



Are you frustrated with telemarketers and
direct mail campaigns producing a
negative return on your funding efforts?


Do you have supporters that love your cause
and they want to help, but they have no
money to donate?


Did you know that our government has now
made it possible for your supporters to receive


Did you know that every time your supporters
pay their Electricity and Natural Gas bill,
their provider will
Donate $2 to $15 Every Month
to your organization every time your
supporters pay their energy bill.


Fundraising has never been easier or more
lucrative for your organization!

You can raise money for your cause by helping your supporters save money on their monthly electricity and natural gas bills.  You’ll receive continuous donations simply by helping your supporters save money on a service they already need and use —



Your Answer… Your Solution…
is the
Ambit Energy Affiliate Program


What makes Ambit Energy so unique from other energy companies is that they offer an Affiliate Fundraising Program for your organization.  Ambit Energy has been in business for 10 years and they have an A+ Better Business Rating.

Your organization will receive a continual stream of donations simply by helping your supporters save money on a service they need and are already using… electricity and natural gas.

Ambit Energy makes it EASY for your organization to fund your cause.  Your organization will receive a personalized Ambit website and the only thing your organization has to do is… share your Ambit Energy affiliate website with your supporters.

Your supporters can enroll themselves as Ambit customers quickly and easily online.  Ambit supplies the energy and your supporters pay their electricity and natural gas bills directly to Ambit online.  Ambit then donates to your organization between $2 and $15 every month for each one of your supporters who are Ambit Energy customers.  Ambit Energy deposits the donations directly into your organization’s bank account on the 15th of each month.

Ambit is a proven fundraising system that is already created, already working…

Ambit Energy
is Perfect for Your Organization!

When customers switch their energy service to Ambit Energy:

  • There is no cost to switch

  • No contracts are required

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • They receive a FREE 3 day/2 night hotel stay just for trying Ambit’s service

  • Monthly Travel Reward Points

But That’s Not All…

When your supporters become Ambit Energy customers, then they have the opportunity to qualify for FREE ENERGY for themselves. It just doesn’t get any better!